The future of the LSPDFR Support - Deutsch in 2020

After massive criticism from various creators last autumn, the reputation of the LSPDFR Support – Deutsch suffered. We created this service to help persons with modding of GTA V – for free. After some financial problems, we needed to generate income. We tried to do this with our installation offer. What we didn’t realize at this time is that we completely missed our mission and we that we forgot, who we are.

In the very beginning, we tried to protect our reputation by defending our offer. We now realized that this was the total wrong approach. Instead of reacting to the criticism, we blocked them and made everything worse.

There were multiple issues on the installation service. Obviously, it wasn’t clear that this service was unaffiliated with the creators. Also, a note, telling where the original mods can be downloaded and how they can be installed, were missing. In addition to that, the prices for some mods were over the top and not proportionate.

We tried to find solutions how to develop an installation service which suits the creators as well. We ended in hopeless failure. The trust is lost and cannot be recovered.

In the future, there will be no installation service anymore. We decided that we want to finish this chapter and focus on giving instructions how to do it.

We want to finance ourselves through ad income and donations.


It’s understandable that the creators and the GTA V modding community are still angry. The only thing we can do is saying sorry. We never meant to infringe the rights of others or enrich ourselves by installing mods that were created by others.

We understand that you might need some time to accept our apology. In case of questions, we’re happy to help. Please write us an email.


However, we need also need defend ourselves in some points. We had a heated debate and both sides said things, that were unnecessary, mean or false. It’s important to us to make the following very clear.

The LSPDFR Support – Deutsch is a voluntarily community and is not affiliated with LSPDFR or the G17 Media Group in any way. We informed everyone who got involved with us about this.

We are not interested in making money. We don’t see the LSPDFR Support – Deutsch as something to make money for ourselves. We never used the money we got for any personal purposes, nor did we withdraw any of the money. Some creators had insight in our financial reports and can confirm that.


Contrary to what we said in the end, the LSPDFR Support – Deutsch won’t pursue any legal action against certain persons who tried to damage our reputation by claiming wrong accusations. Just because we made a huge mistake, doesn’t give people the right to claim that we said things that we never did (e.g. “We don’t care and will continue to money”). Yes, we did something wrong. But stop making up conversations that never happened.

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