File a MR request

This form is for creators who want to decide if their mods are used in our new installation service, and if yes, under which regulations.
This form also allows to demand a financal compensation under certain conditions.
For creators who don't use this form, we assume that they agree with being included in our installation service without any requirements.

Please read our statement

We started in July 2016 on Facebook as a voltuneer project to help other people with their problems and questions. We became big in a short time. After about half a year of support with the Facebook Messenger, we started to help certain people with TeamViewer. This gave us the opportunity to analyse and solve problems more quickly.

We put our website online, added a bot to the Facebook Messenger and opened our Discord server. We became bigger and bigger.

We tried to finance our servers and domain with donations. But we had serious issues. There weren’t enough donations. Our founder even had to gave some of his private money to keep the website running.

In the meantime, more and more people asked for an installation. They didn’t even try to install the mods on their own. We started to install the mods for them – for free. Sometimes, we spent up to 5 hours installing dozens of plugins and vehicles. And then, suddently, the guy who got this installation had a problem with GTA and reset his whole game. And expected from us to install all those mods again.

The solution for us was simple: we charged for installations. With this way, we could install mods for those who were simply too lazy and in the meantime our financial problems would disappear. However, we still offered everyone free support with the installation.

In that moment, we couldn’t imagine that anyone would be bothered by our installation service. But we forgot the developers. And that is a mistake that is not excuseable. We didn’t just excluded them from the revenue but we didn’t even asked for their permission.

Also, we failed to inform the people right about our installation service. We should have added links to the original mods and a notice which informs that ALL mods are free and its quite simple to install them.

We honestly want to say that we’re very sorry for that.

But we still think that overall, we’re doing something great. We’re helping German people with problems and questions with any GTA V mod – for free. Therefore, we won’t accept if someone calls us „scammer“ or „shit“. Yes, we did a mistake. A huge one. But that does not justify anyone to call us like that. We never wanted to make money with the installation service. We always used this money to improve our support service.

So please don’t think that we’re scammers. You’re doing us wrong. We’re really trying to fix this.


All requests, especially requests that include a demand for financal compensation, must be filed before Friday, 09-Aug-19 23:59:00 GMT+2 to guarantee a correct processing.
Requests filed after this date might not be included when launching a new installation service.
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Please read the following before filing your request:

  • Please file a request for each mod individually.
  • Review your request before filing it. Make sure that everything is correct.
  • Don't be rude or aggressive. Stay respectful.
  • Requests without a real, full name will not be processed.
  • Stay ready for a message on the platform where you uploaded your mod. We have to verify that you're authorized to file this request.
  • Check your mailbox for a confirmation. We'll confirm that we got your request within 2 days by sending you an email (german). This email may include a ticket number. Make sure that you keep your ticket id for references.
Before demanding a financal compensation, please note the following:
  • To be qualified for a financal compensation, your mod must have been mentioned by name in our old installation service.
  • Make sure that you have a working PayPal account where we can transfer your compensation to.
  • You will receive 50 % from all money that has been payed for your mod. This does not include the base price.
  • Don't expect to much money. Your compensation payment will probably not exceed 20 €.

This page is for creators only

Do not use this page if you're not a creator or authorized to speak for one.
If you want to complain about something or want to share your opinion, please write us an email: info@lspdfr.de

Processing your request

We're working hard to process your request as fast as possible. In the meanwhile, it's possible that your mod is still visible on our site. Please note that it's not possible to order installations while we're still reviewing these requests.

Important notice about legal actions

We're highly recommend that you make yourself familiar with the law and the way we used to install your mods before taking any legal option.
The person who ordered the installation always had to download the mods by himself. Therefore, we never downloaded or changed your content.